10 Pack Professional Plaque Remover Teeth Cleaning Tools Set


Do you search for the best professional Teeth Cleaning Tools Set? This 10 pack stainless steel dental tools set will be your best choice! The most complete Teeth Cleaning Tools Set provide deep teeth cleaning, allows you to take care of teeth easily and inexpensively!

This dental tools set is designed by G.CATACC Pro Exclusive Team in California. Made of advanced sturdy stainless steel, rustproof & waterproof for years. Especially the upgraded carved handle ensures operating conveniently and precisely.

This #1 dentist-recommended dental tools are very easy to use for adults, pet dogs, and family at home. Easily care for your oral health like a pro, never go back to the expensive dentist. Show your healthy smile to the world today!

Instead of the old version, this upgraded version of dental tools will come with safe protective silicone covers and a great leather carrying case. Rest assured to use it and carry or store it easily.

You Will Get: 10 Pack* Professional Dental Tools; 1 Pack* Leather Case; 1000+ Days Warranty. Worth Every Cent! If the product is broken or does not work well, email us on your order page, we will provide a free replacement or full refund warranty! Don’t miss this great product!

Be A Pro At Home | 10 Pack Professional Dental Tools Kit, Meet All Your Dental Care Needs!

  • You may still click around to search for a quality dental tool to care for your dental hygiene. It should be over here! This professional dental hygiene kit comes with 10 pcs different dental tools, which will meet all your needs! There are various dental picks and plaque scrapers. You will get what you want here!
  • As you know, only brushing or flossing your teeth is not enough to remove the plaque and tartar that are stuck between teeth. You need a reliable dental hygiene scraper tool to help you. For different locations, you can find the professional scraper tool in this 10-pack dental tools set.
  • It is time to say goodbye to visiting the expensive dentist. Here you can be a professional to care for your teeth safely at home.
  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel. Durable and long last. It is rustproof, dishwasher safe, and easy to disinfect with hot water.
  • The sharp needles will be covered by user-friendly silicone covers.
  • You will get 10 pack quality dental tools with a great storage case. You will be proud to use this great product for years to come!


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