POLAMD Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner for Teeth, Plaque And Tartar Remover



5 Cleaning Modes & Low-Noise Design: Facing different customers (sensitive teeth or wear braces) and different oral problems (dental plaque or tooth decay), POLAMD Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner offer soft, low, medium, high and super-high 5 modes for choosing. High efficiency improves oral health and teeth cleanliness.

Safe &Painless: The plaque remover for teeth uses ultrasonic technology (30-40 kHz) to remove stains, calculus, and plaque. The device works only when it touches hard surfaces such as teeth, and is not activated on gums and other soft surfaces, so there is no need to worry about hurting the gums.

Replaceable working heads: The tartar remover for teeth with 3 Stainless steel heads, pointed head is suitable to clean small stains in the gums, the flathead suit for large tartar in the teeth surface.

1500mAh Large Capacity with USB Cable: POLAMD Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner kit built-in 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery, without frequent charging, but also easy to travel with.

LED lights and dental mirror: The top LED light can help you find a dental stain, plaque, and calculus more easily, and also help you light up the blind spot.

Package Included:

  1. 1×Dental calculus remover
  2. 2×Pointed heads
  3. 1×Flat head
  4. 1×Dental mirror
  5. 1×Spanner
  6. 1×USB cable
  7. 1×User manual

How does it work?

Turn on the device and select a working model, then place the head close to the part of the tooth you want to be cleaned.

Kindly Reminder: The plaque remover is in an inactive state when it’s not touching your teeth, it feels like it’s broken, please don’t worry, try putting the working head on your teeth or hard objects to see.

Does it hurt your gums?

Of course not. POLAMD dental calculus remover uses true ultrasonic technology, which works only when it touches the teeth and stops working immediately when it touches the gums.


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