Plaque Remover for Teeth, Sonic Tooth Cleaner Tartar Remover



Sonic technology calculus remover: the dental calculus cleaner adopts sonic technology, up to 40 kHz vibrations, effortlessly loosen and crush all stubborn tartars, remove smoke stains, coffee teeth stains, and hard dental plaque. (Note: the machine starts up without noise and vibration.)

Plaque Remover for Teeth Safe for gums: the calculus remover for teeth is activated only when the cleaning head touches teeth or hard objects, it will stop vibration when touching the gums, without damaging the gums.

5 adjustable cleaning modes: the teeth tartar remover with 5 modes of different vibration, suitable for different gums and different teeth stains. Ideal for the elderly, kids (over 14 years old), and even pets.

Professional teeth cleaning kit: the teeth stain remover comes with 2pcs stainless steel replacement heads to clean the surface and the crevice among teeth. A dental mirror together with the build-in led light on the electric tooth cleaner help to focus stains. A tongue scraper can remove the sticky substance and old food on the tongue, making the oral cavity healthier and more beautiful.

USB rechargeable battery: the calculus remover with a 1500mah lithium battery, 4 hours fast charge for about 50 times use (5 minutes/time). Convenient to charge with USB cable (adapter not included).

Now, you can say goodbye to all plaque and tooth stains

Just click a button, you can start your cleaning journey

The HOGARTECH plaque remover machine adopts real sonic technology, and the vibration frequency can reach 40 kHz. Which can remove the plaque, tartar, and smoke stains. Help to prevent the oral teeth problem.

An efficient, smart, and safe solution

The cleaning head can distinguish teeth from gums. You will not feel the vibration of the cleaning head when holding it after startup. Use it on your teeth and you will feel it vibrating.

Bring you a safe tooth cleaning and a comfortable experience of gum care.


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