Neomen Professional Dental Guard – 2 Sizes, Pack of 4 – New Upgraded



Our Neomen Dental Guard is the best solution to protect and prevent your teeth in your sleep. Neomen is a registered brand in USPTO, we are committed to delivering professional-quality dental products and mouth guards.Neomen mouth guard is perfect for teeth grinding, providing excellent & professional relief for both people who grind their teeth and their loved ones by eliminating the habit and improving sleep quality so that everyone in the family can have a good night’s rest.

  • Safe & Comfortable: We ensure that our products are made of safe materials, well-constructed, and comfortable to use every single day.
  • Perfect Custom Fit: Our mouth guard includes 4 mouth guards ; 2 different sizes of supreme quality and designed. Whether you are kid, youth or adult if you clench or grind your teeth and want to protect them, our bite guards are right for you. Neomen mouth guard is made of a moldable material, Confidental dental guards custom fits to accommodate any mouth size.
  • High Quality: Neomen moldable dental mouth guards are BPA FREE with CASE. Easy to clean and can be reused. The package comes with high quality case.
  • Risk Free: Buy with Confidence. If you are not satisfied with this night mouthpiece, you are back by our 30 days, the full refund will be sent, no questions asked.

Product function:

High-quality, Perfect fit, Comfort, Easy Do-it-by Yourself, BPA Free, Protection, Remolding

How to use:

  1. Boil Water in Microwave or a pot
  2. Bring a cup of water to a boil in the microwave or a pot, then let the water cool until it’s somewhere between 158F – 176F. Place the device in the water for half a minute.
  3. Place in a Cup of Water
  4. Set your mouth guard into a separate cup of cold water for 3-4 seconds. Remove promptly. Then quickly put it into your mouth.
  5. Set Custom Impression
  6. Bite down firmly into the device to create your impression.
  7. Set The Piece Using Cold Water
  8. Put the mouthpiece under cold water for 20 seconds to let it harden and form correctly.


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