MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light



MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit focuses on oral health and professional teeth whitening for 10 years! MySmile will be providing quality solutions for teeth whitening! MySmile can help you get whiter teeth and smile with confidence every day!

  1. DELUXE TEETH WHITENING KIT – Teeth whitening kit with LED Light helps to remove stains from coffee, smoking, wines, soda, and food. Our teeth whitening pen gel is vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free. Enjoy the best teeth stain remover from MySmile!
  2. 10 MIN FAST TEETH WHITENING – 5 Blue LED-activated whitening technology accelerates your tooth whitening process. In just 10 min, you can experience 2 or more shades after 1st application, Please remove the plastic from batteries before use
  3. TEETH WHITENING GEL FOR SENSITIVE TEETH- FDA Registered safe teeth whitener serum formula with carbamide peroxide designed to minimize tooth sensitivity, making MySmile a great addition to your teeth whitening products
  4. EASY TO USE WHITENING KIT – 1 Min simple preparation, 10 min teeth whitening, get up to 10 shades whiter in 7days .clinically proven results with Millions of HAPPY CUSTOMERS
  5. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA and SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: we believe in our products so much that if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, a refund will be issued immediately, you got nothing to worry about and WE GOT YOUR BACK!

A Better Way To Whiten Is Here

Authentic positive teeth whitening experiences from Millions of customers, buy and give it a try yourself!

  • Proven Results With Millions Of Customer
  • Non-Sensitive Authentic Positive Experiences
  • Up To 10 Shades Teeth Whitening Result
  • Proudly Made In The USA
  • Enamel-Safe Teeth Whitening Ingredients
  • Delivers Bright Result after 1Treatment
  • Non-Sensitive Teeth Whitening Gel
  • Whiten Your Teeth, Shining Your Smile

Start today and enjoy the mysmile teeth whitening experience.

Mysmile Teeth Whitening Kit With LED Light

  • Enamel Safe Teeth Whitening Gel Formula -No Sensitive
  • MySmile teeth whitening kit with LED light will help to remove stains from coffee, smoking, wines, soda, and food safely and efficiently
  • 10 Min Fast Teeth Whitening Result
  • 5 Blue LED-activated whitening technology accelerates your tooth whitening process, In just 10 min, you can experience 2 or more shades after 1st application.

Safety Information

Conduct a sensitivity test before 1st application: apply a small drop of the teeth whitening gel on one of your front teeth, put it on the mouth tray (included), and wait for 10 minutes to check if there is any sensitivity, irritation, or allergy. Not intended for use in children under the age of 12. Do not use if you have super sensitive teeth, or have any kind of teeth disease, gum disease such as dental caries, dental ulcer, etc.

Consult a medical professional prior to use if you are pregnant, lactating, or having any teeth or gum problems. Although we are using special non-sensitive carbamide peroxide formula in our teeth whitening gel and generally it is well-tolerated for all healthy teeth, but sensitivity occurs from time to time. If any irritation, sensitivity occurs, discontinue and consult a medical professional if needed.


Carbamide Peroxide, Glycerine, Deionized Water, Carbopol 970, Triethanolamine


  1. Open back cover of LED Light, take the battery out and reinsert after removing the plastic film.
  2. Attach mouth tray to Led Light, twist off the cap of teething whitening gel tube, and then apply 0.5ml gel on each side of the tray.
  3. Put the tray into the mouth and click the button on Led Light, the blue light will be on.
  4. Sit back and relax for 10 minutes.
  5. Rinse your mouth and teeth, PLEASE DON’T RINSE YOUR LED LIGHT, the light is non-waterproof.

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