LORIOUS Mouthguard – One Size Fits All Premium Set of 6 BPA Free



Our high quality professional LORIOUS Mouthguard is an excellent dental appliance. For a better prevention, our mouthguard is made from soft thermo plastic premium medical grade BPA Free and Phthalate Free material. It’s comfortable for you to use it every day and night.

Our LORIOUS Mouthguard is the best solution for teeth grinders. It protects both your upper (top) and lower (bottom) teeth. In addition, it can be used for a whitening tray in teeth whitening treatments. With the slim (thin) design, our mouth guards provide you with comfort when wearing it.

  • Perfect For: Bruxism, Teeth Grinding, Sports, Teeth Protection for Athletic Athletes, Whitening Tray. Great for kid, youth, adult if they clench, grind, or bite their teeth at night, daytime, nighttime. Our guards or nightguard are a perfect solution for everyone.
  • One Size Fits All & Customizable: May be molded and worn on upper (top) or lower (bottom) teeth. Our 6 BPA free and Phthalates free premium grade supreme quality mouth guards are trimmable to fit any mouth sizes.
  • Comfortable & Safe: Made of a moldable material, LORIOUS dental guard custom fits to accommodate any mouth size. Includes easy to follow instructions with a step by step video on how to use the product. Made with BPA free and Phthalates free premium grade material. The package comes with high quality case.
  • Heavy duty protection: Includes a total of 6 customizable and trimmable mouthguards.
  • Multi Purposes: Our mouthpieces are not only for teeth grinders but also for boxing pieces, football mouth piece, straightener trays.

The Kit Includes:

  • 6 trimmable pieces of 3mm thick LORIOUS Dental Guards
  • 1 Travel Hygiene Case
  • Step-by-step instructions for the molding and fitting process

Each package comes with 6 trimmable guards (3mm thick)

Our ultra-comfort mouth guard can be used as a dental protector, teeth whitening trays, and sport mouth guard.

If you have problem with bruxism while sleeping at nighttime. You can use our mouth guard to protect and prevent your teeth (tooth) in your sleep.

If you want to whiten or bleach your teeth, you can also use our mouthguard as a teeth whitening trays along with whitening gel in whitening or bleaching process.

Whether you are men, women, mom or dad with a child, teen, kids, children, or teens with a small or large mouth, if you have teeth grinding problems, our night guards are the best fit for you and your loved ones. You can easily mold and customize the guard’s right at your own home with a boil water. It is adjustable to custom fit your mouth since It can be molded and remolded.


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