HONEYBULL Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth [6 Pack] Comes in 2 Sizes



The Mouth Guard is a safe guard for your teeth against issues that happen through the day and night. HoneyBull Mouth Guard are specifically designed to aid in protection against issues like bruxism that occur at night, or TMJ that might occur through the day or night, or even chronic toothache.

  • Stop Teeth Grinding: Easy to use, mouth guard for grinding teething, clenching, tmj & bruxism. During the day and night
  • Easy to Mold & Trim: Create a perfect clear custom fit by trimming the moldable guard then bite to form. For adults, not for kids
  • 6 Pack & 2 Sizes: 6 mouth guards in total to last you a long time. 2 different sizes for light and heavy grinding
  • Included Case: Store your dental mouthguard in the travel case. Perfect for sleeping during travel as well
  • BPA Free: Safe mouth guards for nighttime sleep. Can also be used as a teeth whitening tray

Designed to Protect Teeth

HoneyBull Mouth Guard are designed to be used by anyone to protect their teeth. We include 6 different mouth guards to help ensure long term protection, in fact we include :

  • Three 3mm Mouth Guards
  • Three 6mm Mouth Guards
  • Mouth Guard Case

4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Trim Your Mouth Guard

Before molding your mouth guards, test a mouth guard size by trying them on to see if they are too long or too tall. If you found the mouth guards to be too tall or too long, you can trim the mouth guards using a knife or a scissor.

Step 2: Heating the Mouth Guards for Molding

Bring water to a boil in a bowl and then place the mouth guard into the water. Wait for 20 seconds before removing the mouth guard.

Step 3: Removing the Mouth Guard and Cooling

Take the mouth guard out of the water with a spoon and let it cool for 5 seconds before fitting your mouth guard.

Step 4: Molding Your Own Personal Mouth Guard

Take the mouth guard and bite down firmly. Use your tongue to push in the inner walls and use your lips and fingers to push in the outer walls to create a tight seal. Suck all air out of your mouth to create a vacuum. After 10 seconds the mouth guard will take form and all that’s left is running the mouth guard through some cold water for the mold to set. Congratulations, you now have your own personal mouth guard.

Notice: This product is not a toy. This product is not meant for children under the age of 8. Please do not leave children younger than 8 unsupervised with this product.


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