Hangsun Water Flosser Cordless Rechargeable Dental Oral Irrigator



Hangsun Water Flosser & Oral Irrigator For The Whole Family

3 operation modes and 4 replaceable nozzles to satisfy the daily oral hygiene needs of the whole family. The USB rechargeable design, powerful lithium battery provides convenience and flexibility. Never worry about dead batteries, ideal for travel. A Professional cordless dental flosser for the whole family.

  • 1,600 Pulses Per Minute Maximum: Deeply cleanse between teeth and below the gingival margin, utilizes a combination of water pressure and pulsations cleans deep between teeth and below the gum line where regular flossing can’t reach.
  • 3 Modes: Select “NORMAL” for powerful removal of food particles, “SOFT” for gentle to clean sensitive teeth, “PULSE” for massaging gum and rinsing.
  • Powerful Battery With USB Cable: Built-in latest technology lithium battery, which is able to be used continuously for 14 days once fully charged.
  • Extra-Quiet Design: Thanks to the updated water pumper, the HOC700 water pick teeth cleaner noise level is ≤55db, you can use it in the morning and late-night without disturbing others.
  • Convenient And Safe: Equipped with an upgraded removable high capacity 300ML water tank; the water flosser includes a LED mode display. Features 4 interchangeable jet tips included for your whole family.

Deep Cleanse Every Corner Precisely

This Hangsun Water Flosser uses a motor and pumps to produce a stream of pressurized, pulsating water to flow from a reservoir and exit through a narrow mouthpiece. In addition to cleaning your teeth thoroughly, the water flosser also gently massages and cares for your gums. A water flow will comfortably stimulate and massage the areas of concern on your gum.

3 Modes To Meet Various Oral Care Needs

Three water jet pressure settings make flossing and cleaning between teeth and along the gum line gentle and effective.

  • Normal Mode– A powerful and pulsating high-pressure water jet shoots directly between the teeth to dislodge larger food particles. (1,600 pulses per minute).
  • Soft Mode– Provides gentle pressure to clean sensitive teeth and stimulate and massage sensitive gums for better dental care. (1,200 pulses per minute).
  • Pulse Mode– Pulsating streams of water mixed with air shoot intermittently to clean periodontal pockets and stimulate the gums. (1,400 pulses per minute).


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