Benefits Of Waterpik, How To Use A Waterpik & Use Of Orthodontic Wax

In this article, we discuss about the Waterpik and the orthodontic wax their use, benefits, and how to apply on a permanent retainer so let’s discuss about the Waterpik first. What Is A Waterpik®? Waterpik® is actually a brand of water flosser. If you really want to get technical, a Water flosser, also called a … Read more

Benefits Of Water Flosser And How To Floss With A Permanent Retainer?

Permanent Retainer Floss If your permanent retainer is just glued to your canines, you can easily thread your floss under a floss threader or fingers under the bar. Once your floss is under the bar, you will easily be as mysterious as the teeth below you make your regular teeth. When you are done, take the floss … Read more

9 Best Tips For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Best oral hygiene is important to keep teeth and gums healthy. This includes habits such as brushing twice a day and regular dental check-ups, and many tips. People can prevent these problems with proper dental care at home and the dentist’s clinic. Here are some of the 9 Best Tips For Healthy Teeth to keep … Read more

Permanent Bottom Retainer – Upper, Front, Behind and Cost Lower & Top

Permanent bottom Retainer

Permanent Bottom Retainer Permanent bottom retainer are designed to prevent your bottom teeth from moving after removing braces. A permanent retainer consists of a thin, solid wire joined to the back of each tooth. They are generally used on the bottom teeth. That’s why it’s also called a permanent bottom retainer, which moves easily, but … Read more

Permanent Retainer Broke – Broke Cost, Damage, Loose – What can I do?

Permanent Retainer

Permanent Retainer Broke If your permanent retainer broke down, this is often not the case. You may feel loose or broken wires, or you may notice a change in one of your composite bonds. If you see anything like this, you should consult your orthodontist to have it repaired temporarily. In this article, we will … Read more

Remove Permanent Retainer – Reasons, Removal Cost and vs Removable

Permanent Retainer

Remove Permanent Retainer There are some reasons why you may need to remove your permanent retainer. Most importantly, it can sustain damage after cutting into hard food. By choosing regular checkups, you can detect any damage. If the calculus forms against the surface of your teeth, you may need to remove your retainer as it … Read more